About Burr Oak


We Live, We Love,
We Serve

We pursue living a life filled with Joy, Peace & Love. Our desire is that all people know that they are greatly loved. We focus on helping to facilitate a better quality of life for people. God is the source of Joy, Peace & Love. When we honestly seek Him then He will fill us spiritually with His Joy, Peace & Love. We also discover that the desires of His heart are actually the true deep desires of our heart. 

Serving people with the right mindset and attitude makes all the difference in the world to the people we serve. People in need deserve to be treated with dignity & respect. Our opportunities to come along side of people in their lives are enriching and fulfilling. People know how much we care by how we treat them.

We are very outreach & missions minded. We support missionaries in Poland, Peru & the United States. We help facilitate opportunities in Northeast Indiana for people in need in various ways. We have a big heart to be advocates for people worldwide who are slaves in Human Trafficking. We support awareness campaigns & many organizations working to free people & bring justice to their oppressors. 


Our Pastors

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Lead Pastor

Mark Yeager

Mark serves as Lead Pastor for Burr Oak. He has over 40 years of leadership experience. (yes, he started when he was 5 yrs old) His focus has always been to lead people to Jesus. He believes having a relationship with Jesus changes a person's life experience, into eternity.



Associate Pastor

Ben Sexton

Ben serves as Associate Pastor for Burr Oak. He is Pastor for our Youth Ministries (6-12 grade). He is exceptional in caring for people. He has a heart of gold. He believes in leading by example. His desire to come along side of people in need is a natural attribute. His smile says it all.